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Dark Spots Begone

Formulas Targeting Hyperpigmentation

Created by Victoria Park Medispa Experts, Awarded Top Medispa at the Canadian Spa and Wellness Awards for 3 Consecutive Years.

No. 01 Bestseller

Multi-C 15%

The serum that everyone is talking about. Discover why this powerful skincare product will be your favorite new addition to your self-care routine.

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Biome Restore

Regenerate Your Skin Moisture Barrier

Formulas and Medical Aesthetic Treatments Working Together

Our formulations are specifically designed to work in synergy with the Victoria Park Medisa in-clinic treatments to optimize your results. Our skin care specialists work hand-in-hand with our doctors to recommend the best protocols for you.

Our People
Our People
"Seeing the satisfaction of clients first-hand is very rewarding; hearing their testimonials and seeing that MD Formula has become indispensable in their lives fills me with pride. Whether it's moisturizing the skin, improving skin tone or improving uneven pigmentation, I am constantly amazed at how our powerful formulas can help improve people's lives!"
— Séverine, Manager - Skincare Specialist
Our People
"MD formula by Victoria Park Lab is a way of life that gives me immense well-being. Since I started using MD formula, I realize the importance of taking care of my skin and the difference it makes to it. I have never tried products that offer me such remarkable results."
— Geneviève, Regional Marketing Coordinator
Our People
“What I love about MD Formula products is that they are in line with my lifestyle. So many products contain harmful ingredients, but MD Formula is a company that respects the David Suzuki Foundation's Dirty Dozen list and even the Environmental Working Group's Red List. It's reassuring to know that I'm treating my skin with healthy products.”
— Mila, Operations Manager
Our People
"I'm so glad I discovered MD Formula! Before, taking care of my skin was not a top priority - but that has changed. Since using their products, my skin has undergone an amazing transformation and looks better than ever. "
— Louis-Philippe Edger, Director of Financial Optimization, Planning & Continuous Improvement
Our People
"I love the MD Formula line! I've been using the products daily for 2 years now and I can't get enough of them. My skin is so much brighter and silkier. I recommend MD Formula to everyone I know for a comfortable, healthy skin!"
— Maria, Skin Specialist, Boutique Manager, Medispa Technician​

MD Formula at Victoria Park Lab

Available exclusively at all Victoria Park Medispa locations across Canada, Canada's Top Medispa. In each of our clinics, there is a Victoria Park Lab boutique, where you can purchase our formulas and receive professional advice from our health experts and skin care specialists.

Come meet us for a unique experience and personalized support for your pre/post-treatment care and at-home protocols.