Contrary to what you may think, all skin types are susceptible to dehydration; when dehydrated, even combination or oily skin can show signs of intense dryness. However, dry skin is more likely to get dehydrated because it doesn’t produce enough sebum, the natural oil that is secreted on the surface of the skin and responsible for retaining water in the subcutaneous layers. A telltale sign of dehydration is when the skin on the face becomes dry and rough, like crocodile skin. Dehydration also affects several other aspects such as skin firmness and the appearance of wrinkles. Incorporate a moisturizing serum into your skincare routine that will help your facial skin maintain its moisture content. Serums containing hyaluronic acid or vitamin B3, like our Multi-C Serum 15%, are great for dehydrated skin. In addition, a moisturizer will create a thin layer on the surface of the skin, helping to retain water in the epidermis. Choose moisturizers that contain ingredients that will repair and restore your skin’s moisture barrier. Our Biome Restorecream, which is full of ceramides and naturally occurring lipids, is a great choice for dehydrated skin.