Caring for the delicate skin around the eyes is one of the most important but often overlooked steps in a skincare routine. Moisturizers, creams, such as our Daily Radiance Eye Care, and gels, such as our Lumineye formula, have been specially formulated to take care of this thin, fragile area. Of course, the most important part of selecting a high-quality eye-contour product is identifying which active ingredients are recommended for this type of product. Ingredients to look for include Arnica montana, a flower extract that will help reduce bluish circles, which is found in our LuminEye gel and Calendula officinalis found in our Daily Radiance Eye Care, which has nourishing and softening properties. Eye-care products offer additional benefits over traditional day/night creams, as they allow you to better target specific concerns, such as dehydration, signs of aging and dark circles. Using an effective eye-care product will certainly help reduce their appearance, making it worth the extra steps in your skincare routine.