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Don’t settle for anything less than the best when it comes to skincare. At Victoria Park Medispa – voted Canada’s Top Medispa – our experts recommend the vitamin C serum (Multi-C Serum 15%) as part of all pre- and post-treatment protocols, basedon the quality of the formula and on the exponential results it delivers.

Elevate your daily skin routine today with this top-of-the line product that has been trusted by experts and clients alike!

Multi-C Serum 15% - Texture

Why Is Multi-C Serum 15% the Ideal Choice?

Full of high quality, science-backed active ingredients, this lightweight, oil-free formula contains a highly concentrated form of vitamin C, stabilized at 15%, working in synergy with niacinamide, hyaluronic acid and lactic ferments.

Combined, these ingredients act powerfully to reduce the visible signs of aging, wrinkles, pigmentation spots, and to stimulate the production of collagen for a radiant and deeply hydrated skin. In addition to these skin-replenishing functions, the Multi-C 15% serum helps to protect against the harsh impact of environmental stressors.

By choosing the Multi-C serum 15%, you are choosing a private and Canadian brand that puts skin health at the heart ofits priorities - a beauty ritual without compromise!

What Form of Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) Is Found in Multi-C Serum 15%?

Pure vitamin C is found naturally in citrus fruits and fresh vegetables, such as kiwis, lemons, oranges, red peppers and broccoli.

However, there are several forms of vitamin C used in skin care.

To maximize its potential for skin care, we looked beyond the natural form. Our Multi-C 15% harnesses ethyl-ascorbic acid; a modified version of vitamin C that has been enhanced through an ethylation process. This improved stability makes it ideal as both oil and water soluble, so your skin can benefit from this potent ingredient!

Boutique Manager with Multi-C Serum 15%

Is Multi-C Serum 15% Suitable for All Skin Types?

Absolutely.* In general, this formula is suitable for all skin types.

It is non-comedogenic and therefore does not clog pores, making it an ally for acne-prone skin.

Its non-greasy, oil-free base is ideal for combination or oily skin types, and the dry skin types are thankful for a host of moisturizing active ingredients, such as niacinamide, aloe and hyaluronic acid. Plus, normal skin loves it because of its many benefits to help maintain healthy-looking skin.

*It is important to know your skin before applying a skin-care product. If you have a specific skin condition, we always recommend consulting a physician before use.

Active Ingredients and Their Benefits for Your Skin


  • Reduces the appearance or signs of aging(i.e., helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles, firms the skin, and fades the appearance of dark spots caused by sun exposure, etc.);
  • Helps even out the complexion;
  • Helps protect against environmental stressors;
  • Can help the skin look younger, fresher, rejuvenated, and clearer;
  • Is a vitamin with antioxidant properties.


  • Improves skin tone evenness (helps balance uneven skin tones);
  • Reduces skin roughness or irregularities (improves uneven skin texture);
  • Targets the main signs of aging (wrinkles, fine lines, loss of elasticity);
  • Stimulates collagen production and helps regulate sebum production;
  • Has anti-inflammatory properties.


  • A natural component of the skin that can contain up to 1000 times its weight in water;
  • An incredibly effective active humectant that helps draw moisture into the skin, keeping it hydrated and plump;
  • Active ingredient that stimulates collagen production;
  • Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


  • Contains over 200 biologically active compounds;
  • Known to help improve the appearance of scars;
  • Known to have anti-inflammatory properties;
  • Is a moisturizer of choice due to its rich composition of water, vitamins and minerals.

Why Do Our Skin Experts Recommend This Vitamin C Face Serum?

Our vitamin C serum was designed to work synergistically with the Victoria Park Medispa treatments. This premium vitamin C formula is recommended by our skin experts in pre and post-treatment protocols to optimize results. Plus, our clients can't get enough of it for their daily skincare routine. It is the best seller in our boutiques; a must-have not only for our highly trained professionals, but also for our loyal client-base.

Not to mention, our brand's products contain no ingredients from the David Suzuki Foundation's "Dirty Dozen" list and from the Environmental Working Group's Red List. Free of harmful ingredients and added fragrances, this vitamin C serum is a cosmeceutical product of choice!

How to Integrate the Serum to Your Daily Skincare Routine?

MD Formula by VPL - Daily Routine with Multi-C Serum 15%

In the morning, apply a few drops of the vitamin C serum to cleansed skin on the face, neck (and hands if desired). Gently massage your skin until fully absorbed.

For best results with this little vitamin C gem, simply combine it with one of our daily cleansers that are specially designed to work in synergy.

Our Daily Detox Cleanser contains salicylic acid in its formula, while our Daily Simple Cleanser does not, so you can choose the best solution for your skin type and needs. By using these cleansers in combination with the Multi-C Serum 15%, you will optimize the effectiveness of your skincare routine.

For superior results, be sure to apply the serum before using a moisturizer - this will trap the active elements in your pores for better penetration.

At night, you can take your beauty routine to the next level with one of our "Forever" serums, each designed to address a targeted concern, such as aging skin, redness, and hyperpigmentation which is one of the most visible signs of sun damage.

By using Multi-C 15% daily, you will see its incredible effect on your skin; it will look brighter, fresher and give you more youthful looking skin in a short time!

Get Exponential Results Today!

We hope we've answered your questions about our Multi-C Serum 15%. Feel free to contact us online or by phone for more tips and recommendations from our skin care experts.

Reclaim your youthful glow with our beloved vitamin C formula.

Take your skincare routine to the next level today by getting what we think is the best vitamin C serum on the canadian market - the Multi-C 15% Serum!